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A Little About Us...

Dave's Dream Foundation seeks to inspire and empower our youth by providing support and opportunity to those in need to further themselves through athletic and artistic endeavors.

Dave Ricciardi lived in Branford for over 30 years, living a life full of passion for athletics. In high school at Hamden Hall, Dave was the captain of the football, basketball and baseball teams, ultimately having the “David K. Ricciardi Hustle Award” named in his honor. He raised his three children in Branford, coaching each at one time or another in soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, tennis, and swimming. He firmly believed in the value that youth sports can have in helping young children grow and mature into adults.

Throughout all his years being involved in youth sports in Branford, nothing made Dave more upset than seeing a kid who had the desire, motivation and talent to participate but couldn’t due to factors beyond their control. Dave’s Dream Foundation aims to help fill that void, providing kids with the funds, equipment, or support they need to realize their passion and play the game they love.

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