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Success Stories

Branford Youth Football - Project Refresh

In early 2016, the Branford Youth Football League (BYFL) set out to purchase new uniforms for approximately 200 kids for the first time in a decade. Working with BYFL leadership, Dave's Dream agreed to match all donations made toward the project, helping the BYFL reach their fundraising goal of $15,500 in just under 4 months!

Next time you see the kids playing at Walsh or the High School, make sure to check out the new uniforms, they look amazing!

Ongoing Projects

Collecting Old Sports Equipment

We know that even though your playing days may be behind you, all that old equipment is probably still collecting dust in your garage or basement. If that's the case...let us know!

Dave's Dream will collect any and all old sports equipment, including balls, gloves, bats, sticks, rackets, cleats and anything else that could still be used!


Somewhere, there is a kid who could put your old stuff to good use!

Success Stories

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